Founded in 2001, OPTIMYSTIX is like an all rounder in this big & ever growing field of Indian Television. We are the only leading production house who has successfully thrived in both FICTION & NON-FICTION programming. We not only produce shows but also ensure cost effective production & sustainable concepts, which makes the shows run successfully for long period of time. We believe in Quantity with Quality & our past performances are testimony to this.


A core company philosophy provides a path to success and OPTIMYSTIX has its very own philosophy: a ‘ladder’ formed by the 5 H’s:

Be Happy: Happy hearts not only create a happy environment but also create success for our clients (The secret to our all looooong running shows!)

Be Harmonious: You are celebrated because of others. All types of people make up this beautiful world.

Be Humorous: The earth rotates because of universal laws, and not because of you, so chill!  Don’t take yourself too seriously.

Be Hygienic: Not only in your thoughts, but also in the literal sense.

Be Hardworking: We have all learned the value of hard work by working hard.


Vipul Shah

Founding Chairman & M.D

Vipul D Shah’s story is what showbiz dreams are made of. He ran away from home, the small town of Limdi in Gujarat, to become one of the most successful writers and eventually one of the leading content producers in India. He is a unique combination of both left and right brains. He is quick witted and imaginative while equally sharp in keeping budgets tight and delivery on time. Writing, Producing, leading teams across all the shows, Vipul’s effortless charm keeps things light while keeping the paperwork and needless trail mails out of the way. He is a man who knows how to get things done, while making it look like life is a party. Optimystix, his company is made up of people who are both creative and unusually polite, in a business not known for it.



Chief Executive Officer

Rakesh is the unconventional CEO - None of us has ever seen him in a tie or a suit. Nonetheless, he's had more fun than most - having shot advertising films at exotic locales, produced music videos with top artists, and the best of all - dunking a car in a lake for a shoot! But all of that only adds to the fact that the buck stops with him - budgets, negotiations, liaisons with top talent and crew, and of course, development of new business.


Content & Creative Director

Nikul always had the love for entertainment – He started as an audience coordinator for our first game shows and then worked his way up to being a Creative Director for all our non-fiction shows. All in double quick time! Top broadcast executives acknowledge Nikul as the King of Comedy on Indian television and he’s now effectively responsible for the careers of much of the top talent in the country!


Head - Fiction

Hemant Kevani’s earrings are the only hint of his royal-sounding roots. Heading our Fiction department, his Zen-like presence is loved by all our creative teams as well as Broadcast executives. The rest of him is a mix of busybody in a creative head and Swiss diplomat (he went to finishing school in Switzerland). Although its quite an uphill task to smoothly run multiple daily shows, Hemant's calm composure can make you feel like it's a piece of cake...or his favourite dhoklas.


Head - Legal, HR & Admin

Optimystix has never produced a legal drama, but if we had, ``Bala Saheb`` as he is affectionately known, would have multiple roles - Judge, Jury and... Plaintiff! Bala is the legal eagle here. He ensures all the hard work done by the creative team is well-protected with iron clad contracts and commercial arrangements. Bala could be seen as the Iron Fist, but his gentle demeanour on how he handles the HR and Administration functions shows that he's a softie at heart!


Finance Controller

As Finance Controller, Paresh is the man who ensures the creative team has all the freedom to make magic on screen, because he takes care of the ``boring stuff`` - keeping the cash flows in top working order. A qualified Chartered Accountant with 18 years of experience, Paresh may seem like a quintessential 'suit', but he's known to sneak one of his deadliest jokes into the conversation just when no-one expects it!


Deputy General Manager

Rajnish could easily be seen playing the dreamy lead man in any of our shows that are targeted to women! However, in real life, the man has an astute analytical mind, backed up by years on the production floor managing all kinds of large format shows. His wholesome experience and insight made for a perfect combination when we were 'casting' for our Deputy General Manager. At Optimystix he's the man who handles all production and production-related aspects of the shows.


Creative Director

Armed with a post-graduate degree in media, plus a killer smile, Mani is our girl for all seasons. As a Creative Director she's made audiences laugh (sitcoms, comedy), cry (drama, daily soaps) and dance with Bollywood stars (live events). She also makes her colleagues dance to her tune, but that's another story! The fact that our clients love her - because she manages the complexities needed to execute large shows - proves that she is truly value for Mani...we mean money!



Associate Creative Director
Accountant-turned- creative, Well-versed, Always on his toes


Head of Production (Fiction)
Never says no, Always smiling, Crackerjack


Head of Production (Non-Fiction)
Negotiator, Resourceful, Alert


Supervising Producer
“Jhansi Ki Rani”, Mindful, Sharp-witted


Post Production Head (Non-Fiction)
Rajnikant Fan, Dedicated, Laughing Buddha


Post Production Head (Fiction)
Man of few words , Humble, Sincere


Senior Manager Accounts
Poised, Untiring, Treasurer


Manager – Accounts & Finance
Energetic, Steadfast, Accounts Pundit


Project Accountant
Jack of all trades, Modest, Numbers guru


Senior Executive – Commercial
Breezy worker, String-puller, Keen learner


Senior Executive – Legal
Judicious, Meticulous, Smarty-pants


Senior Executive – Human Resources
Charismatic, People-person, Orator


Senior Manager – Administration
Diligent, Focused, Eye for detail


Manager – Administration
Cultural antenna, TV show connoisseur, Tech-savvy


Administration Assistant
Veteran, Man for all seasons, Dedicated

Sameer Khan

Junior Executive – IT
Tech-czar, Lively, Invaluable